Get strong. Get evil. Get your munky on.

Home of the original (and best) adjustable munky bar.

Our Mission: To help make the world a stronger and more active place to be. To bring play back into strength training. To make you love movement again.

In addition to our flagship products, we make any custom metal fitness equipment you can think of, including:

Fillable kettlebells
Pullup rigs
Squat racks
Storage and cases
Almost anything made of metal!


Our MunkyBars are custom made. Fully adjustable and built to last. Questions? Check our FAQ page first! If you can't find your answer there, Contact Us!



Our power maces are custom made. You tell us the length and the color, we'll make the magic happen. Like our munkybars, these are built to last. 

Like our other products, Evil Munky's loadable globe dumbbells are 100% custom-built to your specifications and can be filled with anything you like, including water (please specify waterproof if you want this option).  We can make them narrow-handled, wide-handled, Inch-handled, or just about any size you wish.  We can use custom metals like aluminum or stainless steel, and we provide many custom paint options.  Dumbbells can be made with 6", 8", or 12" globes; we can go bigger or smaller if you like, too.  Our globe dumbbells can be made with removable/interchangeable globes with no visible fixtures, or with permanent welded globes.  If you can imagine it, there's a good chance we can build it!

Questions? Check our FAQ page first! If you can't find your answer there, Contact Us!


munkybarhangTINYFind out more about our custom MunkyBars here.


Loadable Maces & Dumbbells!

macebellTINYLearn more about our custom power maces and globe dumbbells!


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