Get strong. Get evil. Get your munky on.

Home of the original (and best) adjustable munky bar.

Our Mission: To help make the world a stronger and more active place to be. To bring play back into strength training. To make you love movement again.

Evil Munky Enterprises(TM) is the brainchild of trainer and powerlifter Melody Schoenfeld. We build high-quality custom munky bars, power maces, and other fun instruments of torture-- er, strength training devices-- for home and gym use. Our small company is 100% based in the USA, and all work is done here in Southern California. Our welders are some of the best out there, working in aerospace and other extremely high-level industries.



Evil Munky Enterprises is a remarkable company producing remarkable products, handcrafted to your specifications. I began training with a 20-pound mace nearly a year ago and wanted something more challenging. Enter the Evil Munky loadable mace. It’s a beautiful monster that will challenge me for a long time. I load it with steel shot, but you can use water, BBs, sand — there are many possibilities. The steel is skillfully welded and painted, and perhaps best of all, the service is outstanding. I got exactly what I asked for — I was able to choose aspects of the design including color, shaft length and sphere diameter. It was very easy — and they really take care of you after the sale. They follow up and make sure you’re happy. So glad I got my Munky on!

-Edmund Meinhardt


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